Andrew Pierce slates caller spending HOURS outside despite government advice

25 April 2020, 08:58

By Seán Hickey

Andrew Pierce was shocked by a caller briefing him on how he spends three times government recommended time outdoors.

Michael was calling in from Bromley and he told Andrew he was spending three hours a day outside during coronavirus lockdown. Andrew wondered if this was allowed, stating "you're meant to be going out for an hour a day" to which Michael listed out how he spends his time outdoors.

He said he was going to visit his mother while outdoors and he also goes to his local golf course which he is able to use while it remains closed. Michael went on to mention his Asberger's as a factor in his decision as being indoors for prolonged periods would affect his mental health greatly.

Michael noticed a few things different on streets of his community. "Shops are becoming busier" and he also noticed many takeaways that were initially closed reopening.

"They're more dangerous than me going to my local park or to see my mum" he argued. Andrew assured him that that wasn't the point and that he himself wasn't breaking the rules and Michael should take a page from his book.

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Michael noted a moment where he was sitting on a park bench eating and police passed him by "without batting an eyelid".

Andrew wasn't impressed by Michael's points insisting that "they want people to stay in and isolate, you don't seem to think that matters." Michael also blamed the government on his decisions, because of unclear advice. Andrew countered "the incompetence is on your part".

Michael defended his ventures outside, stating that earlier that day he "was out for two hours and didn't come in 5 metres of another person".

Andrew pointed out that "if everyone followed your selfish example nobody could social distance", to which Michael insisted he wanted to make himself more healthy and will continue going outside.