This Teacher Tells Andrew Pierce His Profession Feels Like A Dead End

5 May 2018, 09:23

A secondary school teacher told Andrew Pierce he's moving to South-East Asia to teach because the profession in the UK is a "dead end".

Edward is moving abroad after teaching secondary school students for a year because he feels the profession leads to a "dead end".

"I feel like we just don't get to teach," he said.

"We're not allowed to concentrate on practicing our craft, why we got into the job.

"Looking at my superiors, it seems like a dead end.

"The money is absolutely not worth it and the workload is just too much."

The Education Secretary set aside a £5m budget to pay for teachers to take a year-long sabbatical away from the classroom in hope of making the profession more attractive.

Damian Hinds brought in the new measures as a reward for teachers with ten or more years experience.