'Churchill was a fascist': Andrew Pierce's furious row with anti-racism campaigner

22 November 2020, 11:07

By Seán Hickey

Andrew Pierce was stunned as this anti-racism campaigner insisted that Britain's wartime Prime Minister was 'an evil character.'

Kofi Mawuli Klu was speaking to Andrew Pierce following a report from the National Trust claiming British attitudes are heavily influenced by a colonial past.

Andrew mentioned numerous resignations from the National Trust before asking Mr Klu: "The people who have been resigning in droves from the national trust, Kofi, is that because they're racist?"

"They are not just racist, they are afraid of the truth." The campaigner insisted.

He argued that the concerns of those who have resigned "is the problem of the racist white supremacist British establishment."

Andrew countered, wondering why the National Trust need to "obsess about colonialism."

Mr Klu noted that colonial guilty plays a factor in the new strategy: "It came out of the super exploitation and genocide of my African people."

Sir Winston Churchill's skepticism on Indian autonomy was highlighted by Mr Klu
Sir Winston Churchill's skepticism on Indian autonomy was highlighted by Mr Klu. Picture: PA

Andrew pointed out the National Trust have concluded that Winston Churchill's house is a building linked to colonialism, adding "they've put it in that list because of Churchill's opposition to self-rule in India."

"Churchill is a fascist," Mr Klu insisted. He went on to call the former PM "a racist who profited from colonial genocide."

Andrew was taken aback by the statement, scoffing at Mr Klu's claims.

The anti-racism campaigner went on: "There's nothing great about Churchill, he was an evil character." Andrew promptly ended the call.