Confusion over whether Rishi Sunak's Jobs Support Scheme covers events industry

9 October 2020, 19:35

A frustrated caller has said its not clear if she's getting support
A frustrated caller has said its not clear if she's getting support. Picture: LBC

An events worker has expressed her frustration over the Chancellor's new furlough scheme, saying it's not clear whether her industry is covered.

Helen works in the exhibitions and events industry, and said they have "not been recognised at all" in the latest measures announced by Rishi Sunak.

Speaking with LBC's Andrew Pierce, Helen said companies are "absolutely" closing down, and it's not clear if they can benefit from Rishi Sunak's new scheme.

She said: "It seems to be the hospitality sector which we don't quite fall under. We are in this grey area for the government and we don't seem to get much support at all."

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Helen added: "Every bit of furlough has helped but the government don't seem to recognise in talking about the industry I work in, the theatres [can get support] yes, arenas yes, but not actually trade exhibitions that contribute £90 billion to the economy," she said.

"We have 700,00 people in this country which work in it alone, we have a worldwide reputation for trade exhibitions and we are renowned for them.

"Its taken a long time to build this industry, we are very self sufficient we have very strict health and safety measures so we can Covid safe.

"The venues want to open, so we can run as organisers our exhibitions because our exhibitors want to come and sell their products and they've not been able to do that either."