Ex-FBI agent: Prince Andrew's royal position won't deter US investigators

24 November 2019, 09:30 | Updated: 24 November 2019, 09:31

An Ex-FBI agent told Andrew Pierce it is "beyond the pale" that Prince Andrew could be friends with Jeffery Epstein and "not have seen things that are relevant and that investigators want to know about."

Andrew Pierce asked ex-FBI agent Bobby Chacon what the reaction is in the US to Prince Andrew's shock "sacking" by the Queen and his disastrous Newsnight interview.

Mr Chacon replied that the Prince's answers clearly "made no sense" and that his excuse that he flew to visit Jeffery Epstein to "break up" with him following his convictions "makes people uneasy and uncomfortable".

He also drew on the severity of Jeffery Epstein's crimes, that he was "not just a paedophile but accused of running an international sex trafficking ring" and that this is why the investigation "did not die when Jeffery Epstein died".

Andrew Pierce then asked Mr Chacon: "If Andrew does cooperate with the FBI, and did go to the US to speak to the FBI, there's much speculation that he could be arrested or detained. Is that likely or will the FBI come to see him in Britain?"

Mr Chacon told him; "We have full time FBI agents that live and work in the UK all the time, so FBI agents in the US would make a request to their UK counterparts and then they would be the ones to follow the protocol.

"It seems likely that US FBI agents would fly over to London of FBI agents in London would make contact with the Prince."

It has been suggested that the FBI want to interview Prince Andrew
It has been suggested that the FBI want to interview Prince Andrew. Picture: PA

Andrew Pierce also pushed the ex-FBI agent on whether Andrew's royal position would make any difference to the FBI investigation if and when they speak to him.

Mr Chacon said: "People don't want to see this case die with Epstein because that would not serve the victims.

"This was not a crime that was carried out by one man it was a network of people that were involved and who that network is I don't know.

He continued: "I'm not saying Prince Andrew is one of those people but he was close enough to Epstein to know who was involved and what did he see.

"When you talk about a network of people it's very important to get to people who were part of this network.

"You pull on each thread and it leads you to someone else, and Prince Andrew may be a small thread but these are important threads to pull.

Andrew Pierce commented that the Department of Justice are now apparently in active discussions with the FBI about interviewing Prince Andrew and they say he could provide very helpful insights.

Mr Chacon replied: "Absolutely, looking at the amount of activity Epstein carried out and the amount he carried out, it's almost beyond the pale that you could be that close a friend with Epstein and not have seen things that are relevant and that investigators want to know about."