Irate caller on profiteers: "I'd love to shove some toilet roll down these people's necks"

7 March 2020, 13:29

By Seán Hickey

This furious caller told Andrew Pierce what he thought of people reselling stock for humongous margins.

People have begun panic buying in case of a quarantine situation in the UK resulting in supermarkets running dangerously low on stock.

Adam from Westminster spoke to Andrew Pierce and shared his anger at how people are taking advantage of worried and vulnerable people.

"People up and down the country putting their greedy little profiteering before people's wellbeing" a seething Adam claimed. The caller told Andrew of his shock and anger as he walked through Westminster trying to find toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

Adam found a solution to the issue quickly after his shock. "There should be legislation brought in quickly to stop these people profiteering off the misery and scaremongering of other people"

Supermarkets in the UK are running low on supplies
Supermarkets in the UK are running low on supplies. Picture: PA

Andrew Pierce shared with Adam that there has been recommendations form the Competition and Markets Authority that "government should impose price controls" in supermarkets and to prevent reselling online.

Adam agreed to such legislation being introduced and called for "people need to get sensible" when going shopping and to take only what they need and leave stock for the next customer.

The main irk of Adam was the nerve of "a few greedy disgusting individuals" and how they take advantage of the rest of society for their own benefit.