NYE Drunks Should Pay For A&E, Says Andrew Pierce

31 December 2016, 14:17

Andrew Pierce smiling

Andrew Pierce believes that drunks on New Year's Eve should be made to pay for their treatment if they end up at A&E.

Paramedics in London are preparing for their busiest night ever as the head of NHS England branded drunken revellers who call ambulances "selfish".

Andrew believes he has got the answer to the funding crisis for the NHS - if you're responsible for your problem, you pay for it.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Charge them. Let's just charge them.

"If you get drunk and you need accident and emergency and you go by ambulance, that's a charge. Whatever it costs, the NHS takes your credit card off you.

"Because if you can afford to get sloshed, you can afford to pay.

"Charge them for any medicine that they use. If they occupy a bed for the night, charge them what it would cost to stay in a London hotel.

"Maybe that's the only way to knock these kids into shape. Hit them in the pocket.

"Also, people who consistently don't show up for NHS appointments: charge them.

"Three strikes and you're out. If you do it three times, you don't get NHS treatment. You have to go private."