Yvette Cooper: Amendment Is A Message To Theresa May

27 January 2019, 16:30

Yvette Cooper addresses her amendment to extend Article 50 if Theresa May is unable to secure a deal by the end of February, telling the Prime Minister to "show some leadership".

The Labour MP said that her amendment has "support from across all parties" but that it was a message not just to party leaders, but "particularly the Prime Minister".

Speaking to Ayesha Hazarika, Ms Cooper said: "Everybody who has looked responsibly at the issues around our national security, our manufacturing industry, our NHS, knows it really isn't responsible to let our country end up with no deal chaos.

"But it's also no good to stand back and think somebody else is going to sort it out.

"The Prime Minister ought to be doing this, she should be showing the leadership and making it happen."

Labour MP Yvette Cooper
Labour MP Yvette Cooper. Picture: Getty

Ms Cooper's amendment is designed to ensure Theresa May has a deal by the end of February in order to give Parliament time to plan its next move, rather than running out of time.

"Rather than leaving it to the end of March where if she screws things up again then there's actually no time for anybody to solve anything," she said.

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