Bev Confesses "I Smack My Kids"

21 October 2017, 18:39 | Updated: 21 October 2017, 18:41

The Scottish government moved to outlaw smacking this week - Bev Turner says that's a mistake.

Smacking children is to be banned in Scotland, the Scottish government confirmed this week, but in the rest of the UK physical punishment is still permitted to discipline children.

The children’s commissioners of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all calling for a UK-wide change in legislation after the Scottish government confirmed its support for a ban.

Bev Turner disagrees with the decision. She says the state has no business intervening in how she raises her children.

Bev on LBC today
Bev on LBC today. Picture: LBC

She said: "I have three kids, I'm generally rather fond of them. And I smack my kids.

"I do. Not every day. I'm not violent. You would never describe me as a violent parent.

"But occasionally they might need a quick smack on the bum to make them behave themselves, they're children."

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