Beverley Turner: Hospital Decision To Ban Non Medical Reason Caesareans Is ‘Outrageous’

24 February 2018, 18:21

Beverley Turner says she is "really bothered" about a decision by a hospital trust to stop offering caesareans as a choice. "Shame on you" Oxford University Hospital Trust, she said.

Oxford University Hospitals will not offer caesareans to those who are frightened or have had previous traumatic births.

They will only carry one out if there is a medical reason to do so.

LBC’s Beverley Turner disagreed and believed it should be an option for all women.

She gave some examples of why she felt it’s wrong and asked listeners: “Is this was a sensible move or discriminating against a vulnerable group of women?”

She said: "Just imagine for a minute having to give birth if you don’t want to.

"Giving birth is scary."

She said Oxford University Hospitals would be forcing women into a birth they don't want to have.

Around one of every four births on the NHS last year was through caesarean.

The Daily Mail reports that “charities claim the trust is trying to save money and pressure more women into having a natural birth. Managers deny this is the case and say caesareans are not always the best option”.