Beverley Turner Tells Jacob Rees-Mogg Fan "Honesty Doesn't Trump Decency"

9 September 2017, 19:04 | Updated: 9 September 2017, 19:08

She described the Tory leadership contender and his opinions as "utterly terrifying."

Jacob Rees-Mogg, and his Instagram channel, seemed to surge from backbench obscurity to the Good Morning Britain sofa in less than a calendar season.

He is the father of six children, the owner of a portfolio worth £150m and claims to have never changed a nappy - perhaps those facts are related.

This week he drew attention by making public his belief that abortion is never justifiable, as well as his opposition to gay marriage.

Beverley Turner asked how a man with such "diabolical" opinions could appeal to the regular voter. "If you aren't terrified of him, you flipping will should be."

Bev was visibly aggrieved speaking to Alan
Bev was visibly aggrieved speaking to Alan. Picture: LBC

One such regular voter was Alan, who told Bev he found Rees-Mogg "refreshingly honest."

"If he's asked a question he gives an answer and isn't scared about the answer he gives.

"He gives an honest answer and I think that's what people appreciate."

Bev replied: "I keep hearing this about him, the idea that honesty trumps any sort of decency.

"Just because it's honest Alan, just because he's telling you the truth, does it mean he's right?"

Watch the full dressing down above.