Beverley Turner Makes This Brilliant Point On Ireland's Abortion Referendum

26 May 2018, 18:53

As Ireland votes overwhelmingly to repeal its 8th amendment, Beverley Turner makes this brilliant point which explains why it's so important for women to have a choice over abortion.

The pro-choice campaign in Ireland's referendum on reforming abortion law won in an overwhelming victory, and Beverley Turner drew attention to some key reasons why it is so important.

The LBC presenter first acknowledged Ireland's prime minister, Leo Varadkar, who is an openly gay son of an Indian immigrant.

Beverley said his support for reform was significant because "he's not married to a woman who might have been talking in his ear about this."

"He's not married to a woman who might have had a termination," she said.

"He's not facing the prospect of having a child with a woman who would have this on her mind."

Leo Varadkar at the results of the Irish abortion referendum
Leo Varadkar at the results of the Irish abortion referendum. Picture: PA

"When you seek an abortion, you are basically saying 'I can not cope', 'I can not cope with becoming a mother'," she said.

"'I am too ill, I am too traumatised, I am too poor, I am too weak, I am too scared'.

"Whatever the reasons are, every single one is valid, in my opinion."

The pro-choice campaign won Ireland's referendum with nearly 1.5 million votes, giving them a majority of over 700,000.

A spokesperson for the campaign in favour of keeping the status quo conceded victory after the exit polls suggested the outcome would be 2:1.