What This Caller Said About Trump Infuriated Beverley

22 January 2017, 07:56 | Updated: 22 January 2017, 08:20

Beverley Turner Was Not Happy

LBC presenter Beverley Turner was not happy with this caller after she made a wild accusation about "all men".

Beverley was talking about Trump's comments about women on her Saturday evening show following the US President's inauguration. 

One caller, Donna, phoned up to tell Beverley that people should refrain from judging Trump as he had only spent one day in office.

Donna said: "The guy has been in power one day. Everybody is judging him. Everyone is being so judgemental. Take the log out of your eye before you see the splinter in his. 

"Now before you say anything, I am a black woman. But I believe in don't judging people. Do not judge him."

Beverley responded: "We've kind of had 30 years of him being in the public eye in order to judge him. There is a catalogue of comments that he's made."

Donna then went on to make a bold statement: "He would. All men do it. I grew up with four brothers."

But Beverley wasn't having any of it: "All men don't do it. No, I'm sorry, all men don't do it. My husband doesn't talk about women like that. No, listen to me. 

"My husband doesn't talk about women in that way, my brother doesn't talk about women in that way."

Donna asked: "Are you with him 24/7?"

Beverley said: "No, but I know him well enough to know that he is an educated man who respects women. My brother wouldn't talk about women in that way. My father wouldn't talk about women in that way. 

"No. Balderdash. Absolute rubbish. All men do not talk about women in this way."