Beverley Turner Tells Caller "Don't Use God As An Excuse For Your Old Fashioned Sexism"

12 August 2018, 14:16 | Updated: 12 August 2018, 18:36

A caller who said women wear the burka to protect themselves from rape was using God as an excuse for "old fashioned sexism", says Beverley Turner.

Beverley Turner told her caller that it was "not good enough" to say that the reason women wear the burka was "just religion".

"If you're walking around in 30-degree heat ike we've had in the last few weeks, and you see these poor women wearing what's effectively like me walking down the street with a quilt cover over my head, I really feel for them," she said.

Oliver explained that it is the women's choice to wear it, and they do for "religious commitment."

But his next comment left Beverley bemused.

He said: "In the medieval times, in the middle ages, rape was quite common - especially in the dessert."

"If you are wearing less clothes, you're more likely to get raped in the dessert.

"If you're wearing a full face veil and men can't see you, you're less likely to be raped."

Beverley argued back: "I should be able to walk down the street, here in Leicester Square, wearing a bikini and not be raped.

"If a woman is raped, it is because the man has chosen to do that, not because of what she wore."