Is The NHS Inherently Chauvinistic?

30 June 2018, 18:48

Looking through the list of NHS procedures deemed 'unnecessary', Beverley Turner finds a common theme that may surprise you.

As the NHS looks to cut a host of routine operations, Beverley Turner thinks it shows the organisations problem with inherent sexism.

Speaking on her weekly LBC show, Beverley said "let's have a look at whether the NHS is inherently chauvinistic and women aren't getting the best treatment. I told you I'd look at this list of 17 unecessary procedures, alright. This is going to save the NHS £200 million a year, reducing risky or unecessary procedures. It will tell patients they have a repsonsibilty to the NHS not to request useless treatment".

Beverley Turner
Beverley Turner. Picture: LBC

Listing the procedures one by one, the LBC presenter found one common theme - they benefited women more than men.

Something which Beverley didn't see as a surprise.

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