"What A Scumbag": Beverley Turner Takes Aim At Dad Of Carragher Spit Victim

13 March 2018, 07:47

Beverley Turner labelled the Dad who filmed Jamie Carragher spitting at his daughter "a scumbag".

The Sky Sports pundit has been suspended after footage emerged of him spitting at a 14-year-old girl following Liverpool's 2-1 defeat at Manchester United.

Carragher has been heavily criticised - and rightly so, says Bev. But she reserved special criticism for the dad who goaded the footballer in his car while filming it, while seeming not to care that his daughter had been spat at.

Beverley Turner discussed the Jamie Carragher spitting incident
Beverley Turner discussed the Jamie Carragher spitting incident. Picture: LBC / PA

She said: "What a scumbag. And I'm not talking about Carragher. I'm talking about the father.

"His daughter is sat beside him saying 'Stop it, Dad, stop it. Stop it, dad.' And then when he manages to wind him up so much that Jamie Carragher spits through the window, what's his response?

"I've got 14-year-old and if somebody spat at my 14-year-old, first of all I would suddenly shut my mouth and realise what I done to wind up that person.

"My first concern would be 'Are you OK?' to my 14-year-old. Are you alright? You'd be looking for a tissue to wipe the spit off.

"This guy doesn't care. He's delighted. He's delighted that his daughter is collateral damage in an altercation which is entirely of his own making. He's delighted that she's been spat in the face. 'Oh nice one Jamie Carragher, nice one Jamie Carragher's just spat in my daughter's face.'

"You know he's already thinking about how much money he's going to get from The Sun newspaper."

Earlier, Carragher had apologised for losing his head in the incident. He told Sky News: "No matter what the circumstances for anyone, you can’t behave like that it is just unacceptable.

"It’s the only time I’ve reacted like that, it’s the only time I’ll ever react like that.“I just have no excuse, it’s devastating for the family involved."