Camilla Tominey praises 'one good decision' Boris Johnson has made on Covid

21 November 2021, 19:24

By Tim Dodd

This was the moment Camilla Tominey praised Boris Johnson for "putting all of his eggs in the vaccination basket" which has put the UK in a "better position" in terms of Covid compared to Europe.

It comes amid protests in cities across Europe in recent days, against the reimposing of coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates, as the continent has seen rising case rates in recent weeks.

Camilla said: "These are the countries that have had the restrictions that we haven't had made mandatory since July.

"So they've been ultra-mask wearing and ultra-social distancing, but haven't we now benefitted from the decisions we made in the summer?

"Isn't actually this the one good decision that Boris Johnson has made by putting all of his eggs in the vaccination basket?"

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Camilla continued: "All of this talk of Christmas being cancelled in the UK has abated, yet cases are on the rise in Europe.

"And we were told a few months ago we should be following Germany, we should be following face masks, we should be doing it the European way.

"Actually, thank god we did it our way, because we're now in a better position."

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