'How much more can the UK do?' Camilla Tominey's fierce take on climate report

9 August 2021, 20:30

By Seán Hickey

'It's all very well for Boris Johnson to make predictions for 2050 when, let's face it, he's not going to be in Downing Street.'

The UN's IPCC today confirmed that human activity has had a detrimental effect on the Earth, leading to climate and ecological breakdown.

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Camilla Tominey reflected on the news, after Boris Johnson stressed that the UK must do more to alleviate climate change.

"Yet again we're being warned we've years, months to save the planet. There's this sense of urgency now with this seminal report"

She went on to note that many of us face "having our gas boilers ripped out in order for the government to reach this target of net zero by 2050."

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Camilla warned however, that "it's going to cost us a lot of money," asking listeners "how much more can the UK do?"

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"Britain contributes to little more than one percent of global CO2 emissions...while China not only produces 27% of the total...but equally, it has planning in the pipeline for 250 gigawatts of new coal power."

Camilla wondered "what difference it is actually going to make when you've got global superpowers literally pumping out CO2 emissions as we speak" while Brits become more and more green-minded.

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She went on to state that it's "beggars belief" that global leaders have the gall to fly into Glasgow in a few weeks time for COP26 to lecture the masses on reducing their carbon footprint.

She concluded by telling listeners it is well and good for the PM to push this through when "it's you and I who are ultimately going to pay" the massive bill that will come from changing the economy.