Owner of seven homes set to receive £2.8k from Sunak's rebate says he'll keep the cash

29 May 2022, 18:07

By Tim Dodd

This caller who owns seven holiday lets and is set to receive £2800 from the Chancellor's energy rebate says he'll keep the money.

It comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans to give every household in Britain £400 off their energy bills to help ease the cost of living crisis.

The Chancellor said a temporary 25 per cent windfall tax on oil and gas companies will be introduced in a major U-turn to fund the grants.

He scrapped his initial plan to loan households £200 and make them repay it over five years.

A one-off cost of living grant of £650 will also be given to the most vulnerable in society, meaning almost all of the eight million most vulnerable households will receive support of at least £1,200 this year.

Camilla asked caller Craig: "What are you going to do with your multiple £400 grants, if you've got different energy accounts that you handle at different properties?"

"I'm going to keep the money I think, because my personal opinion is that the government, over successive governments, has mismanaged our energy in the UK for many years," Craig said.

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"Like everyone else, my energy costs are going up through the roof. What I charge my guests does not go up. It's not reflective on what they pay, so essentially we're all hit. We all pay more.

"Fundamentally, if the government had actually pre-planned 20 years ago, we wouldn't be in this crisis."

"What about people who say Craig this money wasn't meant for you. £400 per property for someone who owns seven properties and is presumably doing quite well out of it... you're probably doing alright aren't you?" Camilla asked.

Craig replied: "We're doing okay now, but over the last two years it's been hard. It's hit everyone, it's hit every business. I think a lot of businesses are trying to recoup a lot of losses that they've sustained over the last few years."

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