Brexit Party MEP Calls For 'Informal' Electoral Alliance With Tories

3 November 2019, 09:02

Lance Forman told Clive Bull that the 'optics' for Boris Johnson of a formal alliance wouldn't be good - so an informal, local alliance between the two parties might be favourable.

Lance Forman saidl: "I think it's more likely, actually, to be an informal alliance rather than a formal alliance.

"Because, again, the optics from Boris's point of view if he stands allied with a Brexit party, there might be people that say 'oh, hang on a second, I don't want to vote Conservative if they're going to be lined up with the Brexit Party'.

"But on a local level, it will make sense in some constituencies, for example, in these labour Constituencies in the in the North-East. There's no way they are ever going to vote for the Tory party, but some of them are very strong supporters of Brexit.

Brexit Party MEP Calls For 'Informal' Electoral Alliance With Tories
Brexit Party MEP Calls For 'Informal' Electoral Alliance With Tories. Picture: LBC

"So in those situations, it would make sense for the Brexit Party to stand and, you know, maybe the Tory party not to stand.

"I think each and every constituency has to be looked at individually, and I also think that we are in an extraordinary situation. The public are more savvy now about politics.

They've been so focused on this the last three years, I think people are pretty clued up as to which is the best way to vote to make sure we get the best result."