Clive Bull Responds To Raging Caller Who Believes EU Didn't Negotiate With May

17 November 2018, 18:52 | Updated: 17 November 2018, 18:57

Clive Bull had this incredibly calm response to a raging caller who insisted Theresa May was not capable of negotiating a better deal with the European Union.

Adam told Clive Bull that the draft Withdrawal Agreement was "not Theresa May negotiating a deal" but instead was "thrust upon her by the EU as a take it or leave it scenario".

"They don't understand the meaning of negotiation," he said.

But whenever he asked Clive a question, he got increasingly angry with the answer.

Clive Bull
Clive Bull. Picture: LBC

He left Clive bewildered when he tried to compare Brexit to selling a house, and later to selling a car.

"Have you never done a negotiation?" Clive asked.

Adam replied: "If you come to buy my car and you offer me X amount of pounds, I might come back with a counter offer."

But Clive had the final word: "How many times in a car negotiation does someone say 'that's my final offer', of course people say that all the time. Maybe we just weren't as good at it as the EU."