"The Army Needs To Fix This Unambiguous, Disgusting Racism"

28 June 2019, 08:26

Darren Adam told the government they need to fix the "disgusting, unambiguous racism" of soldiers from British colonies being paid a lower bonus than white soldiers.

The bonus the soldiers from Africa received was just a third of that received by soldiers from Great Britain.

Three government departments have said no action should be taken, but Darren demanded they need to fix this.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "This is a principle. It is a stain on our national character to do anything but put this right, however much it costs - and it wouldn't be that much.

"We said as a country just a few decades ago that black soldiers were worth one-third of what white soldiers were worth. It was a disgusting statement to have made.

Darren Adam demanded action by the government
Darren Adam demanded action by the government. Picture: LBC / PA

"It was a repugnant policy to have been in place and it's one that we can at least partially put right by spending a bit of money.

"And we are compounding the disgusting decision made decades ago by deciding not to take this forward."

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