Caller's emotional plea for help over the UK's knife crime crisis

17 January 2020, 07:46

This caller's emotional explanation on what is needed to solve the knife crime crisis is one of the most remarkable calls on the subject you'll ever hear.

Emma called from Birmingham and told LBC that she works in the hostile system and sees the County Line drug gangs in action on a regular basis.

After she explained how the underground drug industry is fuelling the knife crime crisis, Darren asked what can be done to stop it.

Emma got tearful as she said: "We are communities and we are being desecrated and our children are bleeding. You asked me what the answer is... we don't know. We're too busy burying them.

"We are just women and we're left with these children. We have to do what it takes. The boys grow up knowing they have to look after their mums and their sisters in housing estates where the housing is crap. Your mum might be on universal credit. You've got no money.

This call on knife crime was so powerful
This call on knife crime was so powerful. Picture: Getty

"What do you want us to do? Keep going to food banks and begging for food? Is that what you want me to tell them to do in these hostels when they've got nothing.

"You give them nothing. You want us to have the answers? The answer's money.

"Give us money, give us our communities back. Make us safe again. Give us jobs, give us a future. Give all of them a future."

It was such a powerful intervention in the war against knife crime. Watch it at the top of the page.