Darren Adam calls out the hypocrisy of people against Harry and Meghan

14 January 2020, 09:53

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will face criticism from some people whatever they decide to do, according to Darren Adam.

The Queen says she wants final decisions to be made in the coming days, after she gave her backing to Harry and Meghan's wishes for a new life with more independence.

The couple will now begin a transition period, living both here and in Canada.

But Darren pointed out the hypocrisy of people in the press. Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Part of their thinking may be that they want to pull out of this altogether, they want a clean break from this and think they have been treated like garbage by the press in this country and they want to leave it behind.

"Maybe that is in their hearts what they want to do.

Harry and Meghan face criticism whatever they choose to do
Harry and Meghan face criticism whatever they choose to do. Picture: PA

"But the same people who are pouring a bucket of whatever over their heads on a daily basis for having the audacity to even suggest that they want to partially withdraw from this are exactly the same people who would double the quantity of whatever's in the bucket and pour it over their head twice as fast if they were indeed to fully withdraw from the system.

"So there's an element of being damned if you do and damned if you don't."