Caller shares motivating weight loss story from lockdown with DIY set-up

29 May 2020, 13:31 | Updated: 29 May 2020, 13:42

Joe's motivating weight loss regime during lockdown

By Seán Hickey

This caller showed how he has taken the opportunity in lockdown to get fit as many of us struggle as gyms and leisure centres remain closed.

Darren Adam was taking calls from the public on the difficulty of maintaining fitness, weight and general health throughout the pandemic. Joe called from Bond Street called in to share his story of using lockdown as an opportunity to break the mould and get fit - he's ended up losing nine kilogrammes in the process.

"My approach has always been all or nothing" he told Darren, who was delighted to hear the story of hard work and determination amid the doom and gloom of the coronavirus pandemic. He added that because he's been furloughed he has no excuse, telling listeners that he has "been training every day."

As a result of his hard work, Joe's body fat went from 22% all the way down to 16% and is continuing to decrease as he learns more about how he can do more to improve his fitness in lockdown.

Darren asked the caller how he was maintaining such an efficient regime, when Joe explained that he has a to do list on his phone and he has "followed programmes on YouTube" to educate himself and also to have as effective a system as he can have.

Joe told Darren that his entire fitness regime has been done through YouTube and in his home
Joe told Darren that his entire fitness regime has been done through YouTube and in his home. Picture: PA

Joe told Darren that his entire regime is done from home, which impressed him further. "You've really gone against the narrative, when people gain weight you've been losing weight" he said to Joe, commending his effort.

The caller went further to share that his newfound love for exercise has enriched his life in more ways than just his fitness. "I've learned how to cook good meals and so I'm going to put that into my regime when I got back to work" he said, as he has been furloughed since lockdown began.

The conversation ended with Joe sharing a funny story of his experience trying equip his home with more exercise equipment. He told Darren that he went to Islington to buy a set of dumbbells, but went by bike. The seller offered to order a cab as he was aware that Joe may struggle to cycle with 55kg of weight in his rucksack. The rest, will put a smile on your face.

You can listen to the full call with Darren Adam above.

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