Caller Argues It's Not Up To Nigel Farage "To Save Boris Johnson's Bacon"

4 November 2019, 12:45

The caller thinks that the ball is in Boris Johnson's court to get a better Brexit deal and make some sort of alliance with the Brexit Party.

Alan: "I don't think it's up to Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party to save Boris's bacon or the Conservative Party's bacon by standing down candidates just to help him win the election.

He's got a withdrawal deal that he's put down in Parliament which they don't like and I don't blame them for not liking it.

"But the ball is in Boris' court to make a deal with the Brexit Party and ensure that they keep a Marxist out of No 10."

Darren put it to Alan that, as far as Farage is concerned, he effectively wants Boris Johnson's deal to abandoned.

The caller said if Boris Johnson wins the election by a sufficient majority, he can start negotiations again and get a better deal.

Darren said: "I really do think at this point the EU27 would say no."

The caller said that Boris Johnson would be able to go to Brussels without having the Benn Act limiting him in negotiations, as he'd be able to threaten with a No Deal.

Darren pointed out that "none of that has stopped Boris Johnson from saying this is a great deal."

Alan said that it's the best deal under the circumstances but it could be improved if he returns with No Deal still on the table.

They then discussed the prospect of further Brexit extensions.

Caller Argues It&squot;s Not Up To Nigel Farage "To Save Boris Johnson&squot;s Bacon"
Caller Argues It's Not Up To Nigel Farage "To Save Boris Johnson's Bacon". Picture: PA

Darren wasn't sure they would grant one for Boris Johnson to "come back again and waste more of our time".

He also explained it might be problematic because "Boris Johnson electorally would have to go into election saying 'actually the deal that I'm campaigning on I'm not campaigning on it anymore'."

The caller again insisted that he should abandon the deal if he gets a sufficient majority.

Darren added: "So you're suggesting that Boris Johnson should go into an election with with an implicit promise not to stick to his manifesto in the hope that people won't believe he means what he doesn't say."

He continued: "You are counting on not just politicians being dishonest, but on the voting public wanting them to be dishonest and believing that they are."

The caller said: "He'll get a majority if if he goes into an election standing on his manifesto, the Conservative Party manifesto is not just about Brexit, is it?

"It's going to have other points to it, as well, as long as it hasn't got the stupid points that Theresa May did in 2017 and outlaw and sort of alienated the the grey vote against her and and therefore lost the majority she already had.

As long as you didn't do something stupid like that, then the chances are he'll increase his majority."