The Organ Donation Call That Left Darren In Stitches

7 September 2018, 07:17 | Updated: 7 September 2018, 12:07

As Darren Adam marked the NHS' Organ Donation Week, Erica called the LBC presenter to explain just how she goes about telling her kids that she wants her organs passed on to others after she passes away.

The caller from Enfield explained that she has been registered as an organ donor for more than three decades, having first signed up when she gave blood.

She is so committed to organ donation that she has warned her two teenage children that if they do not respect her wishes, "I'll come back and haunt you".

Darren Adam
Darren really enjoyed hearing how Erica reminds her kids about her decision. Picture: LBC

She added that "they are under no illusion that my body is definitely being donated to help [others], and failing that, medical science".

Erica also explained she fully supports plan to introduced 'presumed consent' laws, saying that she doesn't "understand why anybody would want to hang on to stuff when they're not even there to appreciate them".

Darren concluded the chat by voicing his support, noting that those who aren't aware of such laws "are going to be dead anyway".