This Caller Said The IRA Were Not Terrorists And That Made Darren Adam FURIOUS

25 September 2017, 08:02

Darren Adam was livid after this caller insisted that the IRA were not terrorists.

He was discussing Google's decision not to remove t-shirts celebrating the IRA from their Shopping pages.

But when Jim in Pimlico called and claimed that the Troubles were 100% the fault of the British. And when he said the IRA were just a democratic party carrying out military action, Darren let him have both barrels.

Darren Adam was furious with Jim's claims
Darren Adam was furious with Jim's claims. Picture: LBC

Darren told him: "Jim, what is wrong with you?

"Have you ever actually heard your own words said back to you? Have you ever actually heard the noises that your yabbering, flapping mouth makes in your own ears?

"You think I'm being anti-Irish and racist because I think that the IRA have committed acts of terrorism? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Jim tried to claim that the IRA had simply "indulged in military activity" on a par with Britain's involvement in Iraq, Darren boomed: "When you wake up in the morning this stupid, how do you get through the day without falling over?"

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