'Anyone who rapes, abducts, and murders a stranger should get life in jail'

20 November 2021, 20:23

By Tim Dodd

David Lammy hit out at the sentence given to double child killer Colin Pitchfork who was released from prison but has now been recalled.

It comes as the Probation Service said on Friday that "protecting the public is our number one priority so when offenders breach the conditions of their release and potentially pose an increased risk, we don't hesitate to return them to custody." 

Pitchfork raped and strangled to death two 15-year-old schoolgirls – Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth – in Leicestershire in the 1980s and was given a life sentence with a minimum of 30 years.

At the time, the judge said he doubted "if he should ever be released".

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The parole board, which recommended for him to be released in September, rejected the Government's challenge against its decision.

David told listeners: "The system appears to be working because he was released under license, but some might say he should never have been released in the first place.

"Broadly speaking, my view is that there are people who should be getting whole-life tariffs.

"Anyone who rapes, abducts and murders a stranger - in my view - should have a whole-life tariff."

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David continued: "That was the amendment I made to the bill in Parliament that's going through currently on police, courts and crime. The Government voted it down.

"I was staggered that the murderer of Sarah Everard... there was a debate about whether he should get a whole-life tariff. Of course he should do life in my view!"