From Covid to Pincher: David Lammy's epic monologue on Boris' demise

9 July 2022, 16:46

By Tim Dodd

Watch David Lammy's epic summary of the events which led to Boris Johnson's demise as Prime Minister.

It comes as the Tory leadership contest to replace Mr Johnson gets underway, with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace ruling himself out, saying his focus is on his current job and "keeping this great country safe".

Mr Wallace was widely predicted to be in with a good chance of winning, but amid the war in Ukraine he says his focus is on his current job.

Four contenders have joined the race to become the next leader of the Conservative party, including former chancellor Rishi Sunak.Mr Sunak has enjoyed early support from senior Tories such as Oliver Dowden, Liam Fox and Mark Harper.

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David began his show by reminding listeners of the events that lead to Boris Johnson's resignation, starting with the government's response to the pandemic.

"After weeks of delaying preventative measures, the country entered a state of lockdown. Covid-19 swept through our hospitals and our care homes, killing thousands of those left without the vital protection that they needed," he said.

"Doctors and nurses struggled with the lack of equipment, while Conservative chums made millions from government contracts while providing defunct equipment."

David then moved on to partygate, and Boris Johnson's recent vote of no confidence, noting "he survived, despite 40% of his colleagues voting against him".

"It was the case of Chris Pincher, the deputy chief whip in the House of Commons, which finally brought Boris Johnson down," David said.

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"Boris Johnson is a liar. He's a trickster. He's a fraud. He made mistakes during the pandemic that led to the deaths of thousands of people... He partied while people couldn't visit their dying relatives.

"Those vying to succeed the Prime Minister vary between hard-right populists and rule breakers. The cacophony of sycophants and acolytes who have no answers to the problems facing this country.

"Change will only happen if we boot them all out and give Britain the fresh starts it needs."