David Lammy's merciless takedown of 'hopeless' Gavin Williamson

2 January 2021, 16:46

By Seán Hickey

David Lammy pulled no punches in his criticism of the Education Secretary's handling of schools reopening.

Following the Government U-turn on Friday to keep schools closed in London, David Lammy predicted that another U-turn will be made before Monday.

He said that when he saw that schools in his constituency were on a list to remain open, despite London being one of the worst struck parts of the country by coronavirus, David lobbied Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

"Guess what? He did a U-turn!" David said that the ease with which Mr Williamson changed his mind meant that it could be done again.

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"I thought today, let's stick on the subject because I suspect we're about to get another U-turn from hapless Gavin Williamson, our hopeless Secretary of State for Education that simply cannot make up his mind."

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David Lammy said it is likely the Government will keep schools closed next week
David Lammy said it is likely the Government will keep schools closed next week. Picture: PA

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David couldn't work out the logic that "if schools aren't going back in London and they're in tier four" why the remaining tier four areas haven't been put under the same measures.

He sympathised with parents struggling to work out whether they should get prepared to send their children back or not.

David said that the likelihood that there will be another U-turn is high, predicting the Government to close all schools on Monday.

He wondered if there are strict measures coming into place in London next week, "why would it be any different in another part of the country?"

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