Eton parent says school's students are given a 'sense of entitlement'

4 December 2020, 14:19

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment David Lammy took a call from an Eton parent, who told him the school gives its students a "sense of entitlement".

Anna from Clapham made the comment to David after calling to discuss a free speech row ensuing over Eton sacking one of its teachers.

English teacher Will Knowland was removed from his post by the school. He was found guilty of gross misconduct after posting a lecture online which allegedly broke the Equalities Act - something which he denies.

Mr Knowland refused to remove the video, which had over 28,000 views, after being asked several times.

Over 1,000 pupils have since signed a petition calling for him to get his job back, accusing the £42,500-a-year institution of stifling freedom of speech.

Anna told David: "My kids are both at Eton and this nonsense about the patriarchy [is] nothing compared with what really goes on.

"In their first week, they are told that they are going to be the future leaders of the world and that is imprinted into them right from the beginning, that sense of entitlement.

David then said: "Do you think that's a good thing? I mean if they're learning this stuff, I don't actually think Etonians have a great record in running this country. I mean look at David Cameron."

Referring to Mr Knowland's case specifically, Anna said that she thinks he "should never have been sacked".