David Davis: EU doesn't want UK to succeed post-Brexit

17 October 2020, 17:15

By Seán Hickey

The former Brexit Secretary said that although the EU has played hardball in negotiations, he is confident the UK will leave the EU with a deal.

David Davis commended the work of PM Boris Johnson in Brexit negotiations although they have hit another stumbling block.

The former Brexit Secretary reminded David Lammy "when he signed off on the Withdrawal Agreement the president of the union, Tusk, promised the Canada plus plus plus. He said 'that's on the table.'"

Mr Davis went on to note that the EU "backtracked on a number of areas" of negotiations, adding that the deal offered to the UK "should have been better than Canada."

He told David that the EU export "nearly twice as much" to the UK as we export to them and the EU is in a comfortable position if there is no-deal.

"In leaving they didn't want us to be a model to other countries to leave," he felt.

David Davis insisted Boris Johnson has done a good job so far on Brexit
David Davis insisted Boris Johnson has done a good job so far on Brexit. Picture: PA

Mr Davis predicted that all is not yet lost in negotiations.

"Next week you'll see a lot of blood and thunder," he said, "and then there'll be a reason to have another meeting."

The former Brexit Secretary told David that he is that confident, he thinks it is "3/1 that we will have a deal," before the 31st December deadline.