'It's a grim situation': Tenants union organiser reacts to eviction ban coming to an end

31 May 2021, 11:47 | Updated: 31 May 2021, 12:40

Tenants union organiser talks to LBC about evictions ban ending

By Sam Sholli

David Lammy has heard from a tenants union organiser who argues that England's Covid eviction ban coming to an end represents "a grim situation".

Greater Manchester Tenants Union organiser Allison Fewtrell made the comment while speaking LBC's David Lammy.

She said: "It's a grim situation. I mean we've all been affected by the pandemic but we haven't all been affected equally, have we?"

"So many people have lost their jobs, people who couldn't get furlough...There were people who were already subsisting on poverty wages.

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'What about hard done by landlords?'

"And many of those people were already tenants. So what we've got now is this problem where people have fallen into rent arrears.

"And with the lifting of the ban they're at real danger of becoming homeless.

"It's going to be an avalanche of hardship and tragedy falling on a large section of society who have already suffered enough."

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