Caller's shocking story of sister's murder after deportation to Jamaica

28 November 2020, 17:50

By Seán Hickey

This caller shared the shocking story of her sister's murder after she was deported to Jamaica by the state.

Flights are due to begin on Wednesday deporting people to Jamaica who have criminal records and David Lammy addressed the subject on-air.

Tina phoned in to express her anger at the Home Office's decision. "Who amongst us are without sin?" She asked. "I can't believe this is happening in 2020."

Tina went on to tell David that her own sister was deported to Jamaica, and was murdered after arriving in the Caribbean.

"It's still raw within my family," she explained.

David wondered if Tina's family have applied for compensation, but she said they hadn't, adding that "racism is real and it is rife," in UK, compensation or not.

"I keep hearing that racism is against the law, that it's a crime," she told David, but argued that she lives it every day, hearing racial slurs and calls to go back to where she came from on a regular basis.

"I was born here, where am I going back to?" She asked.