Joe Biden has ability to unify the USA, insists father of the Senate

7 November 2020, 19:44 | Updated: 7 November 2020, 20:22

By Seán Hickey

The longest serving member of the US Senate tells LBC that the election of Joe Biden will help unify the nation for the first time in four years.

"I've never seen the United States so split apart," said Senator Patrick Leahy, the Father of the US Senate, as Joe Biden becomes the US President-elect.

He believed the nomination of Joe Biden will begin to reunite the nation after Donald Trump divided the country since 2016.

Referencing past Presidents and what they all had in common, Mr Leahy told David Lammy that "they all tried to bring people together," and Mr Biden will try bring back this action.

"We've seen a President that's done his best to push us apart and now we see a President who is bringing us together."

"He and Kamala can do that better than anyone I know," Mr Leahy argued.

Senator Patrick Leahy noted that Joe Biden has the ability to bring together the nation
Senator Patrick Leahy noted that Joe Biden has the ability to bring together the nation. Picture: PA

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Speaking of the President's current attempts to undermine the election result, Mr Leahy noted that "there is no legal grounds that Donald Trump has to delay or overturn this," adding that he as a legal expert knows the ins and outs of Mr Trump's legal grounds more than many.

"What a President should be trying to do is to bring us together," he reiterated.

"Joe has a reputation at the senate - he always kept his word," said the Father of the Senate, making the case that Donald Trump hasn't had the same ability to be honest during his tenure in the White House.