New prospective coronavirus measures for England revealed

31 October 2020, 18:43

By Seán Hickey

As the Government set out new measures to suppress the spread of coronavirus, David Lammy had the new nationwide measures broken down before the announcement.

"There will be some very very tough restrictions imposed on all of us for a whole month," ITV's political editor Robert Peston tells David Lammy.

"All pubs and restaurants to close, takeaways and deliveries will be permitted.

"All non-essential retail to close. Supermarkets are to stay open and unlike in Wales if supermarkets are selling so-called non-essential goods we will be able to buy them from supermarkets, they wont be fenced off."

He went on: "There will be no mixing of people inside homes except for reasons of childcare or for care of vulnerable people.

"There will be a reinforcement of working from home but unlike the first lockdown, there will be a presumption that businesses that cannot do home working so manufacturing for example or construction will keep going."

Mr Peston revealed that "outbound international travel will be banned so you won't be able to go on a holiday abroad," but noted that business travel is permitted once national and international rules are followed.

The political expert noted that "important public services, so schools, universities courts will remain open, outdoor exercise will be encouraged," adding that this wasn't encouraged during the first lockdown.

"You will be able to take part in private prayer in places of worship but things like services will not be allowed in Churches and Mosques and Synagogues and other places of worship," Mr Peston added.

Regardless of whether all Tory MPs vote for the measures next week, the journalist expected the measures to be voted through, as Labour have been calling for further measures for weeks.

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