David Lammy's attack on 'measly' 1% pay proposal for NHS workers

6 March 2021, 17:32

By Seán Hickey

NHS workers deserve far more than a 1% pay increase after their efforts in the pandemic according to David Lammy.

As tensions rise between unions representing NHS workers and the Government over a proposed 1% pay increase for workers, David Lammy shared his view on the matter.

He was scathing in his criticism of a "measly, terrible, unbelievably low pay deal that's being offered to our nurses."

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"How marvellous they were" he said of frontline workers during the pandemic, recalling images of NHS staff "putting themselves in harms way" for the greater good.

"Here we are in March and the moment has come to do a little bit more," he noted, believing that the current support for NHS staff simply doesn't go far enough.

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David then played audio from Health Minister Nadine Dorries' interview with Nick Ferrari where she claimed that no other worker in the public sector will get a pay increase, and the Government's focus should be on the economy at the moment.

"I think our nurses deserve more than 1%." David insisted. "They deserve more than £3.50 a week."

David cast listeners' minds back to 2016 when Boris Johnson stood by claims that leaving the EU would result in a weekly saving of £350 million for the NHS.

He wondered if that money could be put towards a pay rise for workers.