David Lammy livid following Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit confession

12 December 2020, 17:09

By Seán Hickey

After Boris Johnson revealed that a no-deal Brexit is 'very very likely,' David Lammy attacked the PM for suggesting it is a good outcome.

David Lammy reflected on the PM's comments that a no-deal Brexit could be a good outcome for the UK: "It would be wonderful for the UK to crash out of the EU with no deal? This isn't what we were promised," he argued.

He was worried that because "we are just 24 hours before this thing concludes," all hope is finished.

David argued that Boris Johnson "has botched this whole deal," adding that "the pound will fall through the floor" as a consequence of no-deal.

"Forget the January sales," he added, "because there'll be huge tariffs."

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The PM has said it is 'very very likely' the UK will leave the EU on WTO terms
The PM has said it is 'very very likely' the UK will leave the EU on WTO terms. Picture: PA

David added more fuel to the fire by reminding listeners that all these risks are being played out "in the middle of a pandemic."

"Where does this leave the Good Friday Agreement?" He wondered.

"Now he says it would be wonderful – those are his words – if we crashed out with no deal," David reiterated, "these are just a smattering of the consequences."

"This is not the Brexit we were promised, nothing like the Brexit we were promised."