David Lammy lists government failures one year on from election

12 December 2020, 18:48

By Seán Hickey

On the anniversary of the Tory's record-breaking election victory, David Lammy reflected on the achievements of the Government in its first year.

David began his recap by telling listeners "because people will say that I'm partisan I will stick to the facts."

"We're well over 60,000 people having died in this pandemic, the worst in the European Union. Our economy has had a massive drop in GDP – minus 9 percent, standing at the moment the worst in the G7 so that's one record we can attach to Boris Johnson."

David then turned to the test and trace system, which the PM insisted would be "world-beating." "How many months did it take to get anything like a test track and trace system up and running," he wondered.

David then listed off a series of U-turns the Government has made since taking office.

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The Government made U-turns on two campaigns led by footballer Marcus Rashford
The Government made U-turns on two campaigns led by footballer Marcus Rashford. Picture: PA

He mentioned scandals such as the visa surcharge which the Government suggested imposing on NHS workers, Marcus Rashford's school meal campaign, the long overdue NHS app that ended up costing the taxpayer a colossal amount, controversy over face coverings, and the lack of clarity around GCSE and A-level exam results.

"That's all on Boris Johnson's watch," David insisted.

"That's his record over the last year and i've stuck to the facts."