David Lammy's scathing takedown of Priti Patel amid bullying allegations

21 November 2020, 18:51

By Seán Hickey

David Lammy wondered why the Home Secretary still hasn't offered her resignation following reports of bullying made against her.

"I was bullied terribly growing up as a child in the 1980s," David Lammy revealed, before listing the racial and physical abuse he experienced as a child.

His comments came in response to Priti Patel remaining Home Secretary despite reports implicating her in bullying at the Home Office.

David noted that he could remember when Priti Patel spoke of her own experience as a victim of bullying.

"I cannot understand how you can have been bullied and then not understand when you're bullying someone else," he said.

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"Why is Boris Johnson standing by her in these circumstances?" David wondered.

"Why hasn't she offered her resignation when we know that this has now gone on over successive departments."

David concluded that it is shocking to discover what "our Home Secretary, the person who's supposed to be policing the rules, has been up to."