David Lammy caller says people who deny racism in the UK are 'having a laugh'

31 March 2021, 13:55

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This David Lammy caller who came to the UK from Africa argues people who think the UK isn't racist "are having a laugh".

She was speaking to LBC in the wake of a report on diversity in the UK which found there is "no evidence of institutional racism" in the country.

After recounting her personal experiences of racial inequality in the UK the caller said being in this country has destroyed her view of humanity.

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"Being in this country for three years has completed destroyed my view of humanity."

She went on to say that people who deny racism in the UK are "having a laugh."

The review, ordered by the Prime Minister, was carried out in response to the Black Lives Matter protests last year.

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It says Britain can't be considered a "post-racial society" but should be regarded as a "model" for other white-majority nations.