Ex-convict caller shares jaw-dropping story in bid to end youth criminality

6 February 2021, 18:48

Caller's powerful story of life of crime turned around

By Seán Hickey

This caller issued invaluable advice to young people on the verge of a life of crime, and his own life story left David Lammy speechless.

Caller Leroy told David Lammy that he "took the wrong path on everything" as a young man in South London. He wanted to share his experience to shoo the next generation from a life of crime.

He explained that his life began with petty crime and "accumulated in shooting two police officers," which left him with a 25 year sentence to serve.

"Thank God they never died," Leroy exclaimed, explaining that the forgiveness of one of the police officers helped him turn his life around.

The caller explained that as a young person "you're easily played out if you've got the wrong people around you," and put his descent into crime down to the fact that his mother was murdered when he was 2.

"Young person will gravitate."

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"What have we got to do to stop this happening," David wondered. The caller pointed out that he has written a book to help young people steer clear of this life, and he was helped in writing the book by the police officer he shot.

David was moved by his story, and asked Leroy what he would say to his younger self from where he is now.

"Listen to your closest people," the caller said, "try to be open minded."

He warned that "if you don't align yourself where you can make money legally" you will be in trouble later in life.

"Nothing that will bring you in contact with police on a negative is going to help you."

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