Caller's warning to PM: Ease lockdown for Christmas, prepare for deaths in January

21 November 2020, 17:55

By Seán Hickey

This caller issued a stark warning to Boris Johnson while he considers easing lockdown for Christmas – allow mingling and risk a spike in deaths in January.

Sharon phoned in from Essex to share her horrendous story of having lost five relatives to coronavirus and begged the Prime Minister to avoid easing restrictions.

David Lammy asked her what she would say to Boris Johnson to keep the nation locked down. "If he's thinking 'I'll get votes in it if I let people out over Christmas,'" David wondered how Sharon would convince him.

"If you want to open up for Christmas and enjoy your family being around you, get ready to bury them.

"Get ready to bury someone because someone will be buried in everybody's family after Christmas," the caller warned.

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Sharon warned that if people are to meet with their families this Christmas, they should "enjoy that day with them, because you'll enjoy their funeral as well because that's what opening up for Christmas is going to contain."

The caller warned: "every time you let someone into your house you're risking a funeral."

She added that if people gather with their elderly relatives over Christmas, "in January, you can bury your nan."