Vulnerable caller cannot get Covid jab despite writing to PM, ministers, council and NHS

1 April 2021, 14:11

By Sam Sholli

A caller who is clinically extremely vulnerable has told LBC she can't get a vaccine appointment despite having written to the PM, Cabinet ministers, her local council and the NHS.

The exchange between Debbie in Maidenhead and David comes after figures have shown that more than 30 million people in the UK have now received a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Debbie explained to David that she is classed as "clinically extremely vulnerable" when it comes to Covid and has multiple allergies to drugs and food".

She then told LBC that she was offered a Covid jab in January, but her booking for the first week of February had to cancelled.

Debbie explained: "I was actually offered my jab in January. I booked it for the first week in February. That had to be cancelled because of my allergies.

"And since then I have between writing to Boris Johnson and all the Government ministers, my local council, the NHS, and I still have not got a clinic.

"I have to go into hospital to have mine because I have a probability of an anaphylactic shock and my GP is pulling his hair out because they cannot get me an appointment.

David told Debbie that he would be happy to contact her MP Theresa May on her behalf to help her get vaccinated.

Debbie went on to say: "I did get an email back actually from Matt Hancock that just said basically wait you turn.

"So they didn't read my letter, which was comprehensive. It's disappointing because...there are a lot of people in my situation waiting.

"And I understand that the local trust have issues. Covid is a problem. But..I'm told I still can't go out. I have to continue to shield which means my life still stays on stop because they can't get their act together and that I think is very sad."

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