Anna Soubry Confronted By Angry Tory Activist: “You’ve Embarrassed Yourself!”

20 February 2019, 17:11 | Updated: 20 February 2019, 17:15

A furious Conservative activist told defecting MP Anna Soubry she had “embarrassed” herself.

The MP for Broxtowe was one of three Tories who resigned from the party on Wednesday.

They are unhappy with Theresa May's handling of Brexit and claim the party has been taken over by the "right wing".

The trio will join eight former Labour MPs now sitting under the Independent Group banner.

Martin, a Tory member, was furious with Ms Soubry and phoned LBC to confront her.

Anna Soubry confronted by an angry LBC caller on Wednesday
Anna Soubry confronted by an angry LBC caller on Wednesday. Picture: LBC

“You’ve embarrassed yourself and embarrassed the Conservative Party,” the caller said.

“I’m glad you’ve left, you might be missed by the Parliamentary group, but not in the constituencies.”

After the grilling, Ms Soubry hit back: “You’re kind of one of the reasons people like me have left the party because you’ve taken over the party.

“You’re not tolerant and you’ve just said ‘good riddance’ basically and I’d never say that to you.”

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