Immediate reaction to Boris Johnson's lockdown statement to MPs

11 May 2020, 17:36 | Updated: 11 May 2020, 17:41

By Seán Hickey

The Prime Minister addressed MPs on the government's coronavirus response – this is the reaction of LBC's Westminster correspondent.

Ben Kentish was listening to the announcements of Boris Johnson from LBC's Westminster studio when he told Eddie Mair that he doesn't believe "we learned tonnes new."

Ben, who scoured the PM's 50-page lockdown roadmap to help LBC listeners have a clearer view on how the UK will come out of lockdown noted that the "most interesting thing was when he was asked if he was speaking for England or the United Kingdom" referencing the backlash Mr Johnson received from the First Ministers of the UK's devolved governments.

"The devolved governments have made that clear in the past day" that they will stay away from the Prime Minister's new guidelines Ben explained. It was clear during the session in the House of Commons that Boris Johnson was speaking for England only.

LBC's Westminster correspondent shared how strange the new rules will be, using the example that "you are now able to drive to visit natural areas in England but not in Wales" he pointed out.

The Prime Minister was quizzed by MPs on the UK's lockdown release
The Prime Minister was quizzed by MPs on the UK's lockdown release. Picture: PA

Ben Kentish told Eddie that there were a few heads turned when the PM told the House that the next phase of England's coronavirus response is applicable everywhere. Ben clarified that "what he meant was that it is good advice everywhere but it is not the advice of the devolved administrations."

Another strange statement made in the Commons was when Boris Johnson mentioned "if there was a case where coronavirus was present in water supplies then restrictions can be tightened." Ben had to clarify this statement, assuming that the PM meant if it was found in sewage supplies.

"There is no risk for people getting coronavirus from their water supply" Ben reiterated, expecting "a pretty hasty reaction from Number 10 on that point."

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