This Caller Goes Head To Head With Brexit Party Candidate Over Trade

20 May 2019, 20:00

Car companies that are "owned and run" by foreign companies "may have an agenda," Brexit party candidate John Longworth told LBC.

The former director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce said the most "vocal companies" in the UK against Brexit are all owned or run by "continentals."

The MEP hopeful said that cars "will be no more expensive than the day they were before the referendum," attributing this to fluctuation in currency rates.

If the UK applies a 10% tariff to cars manufactured in the EU then the British car manufacturing industry will  "boom," Mr Longworth said.

When the debate gets technical over numbers of vehicles exported to Europe Mr Longworth said to the caller: "your economics don't make any sense at all!"

"They do," the caller fired back revealing he has a degree in economics.

When LBC presenter Eddie Mair asks the Brexit Party candidate if he has a degree in economics he admits he does not. 

But, points out he has been in business for "45 years, and done business on every continent in the world."

Watch the whole fiery exchange at the top of the page.