Caller reveals 230 kids in his son's school are isolating due to coronavirus

15 September 2020, 18:21

By Fiona Jones

This caller revealed that 230 students in his son's school are now isolating for 14 days due to coronavirus despite only being back a week.

Caller Nick from Wimborne is 62 and he has a 14 year old and a 7 year old, he told LBC.

His 14 year old, who has been back at school for a week, was sent home yesterday along with 29 other members of his class because "there are five cases in the school."

Two whole houses in the year below have been sent home which is "230 kids that have been sent home for 14 days," Nick said.

"The instruction is not to have them tested but see if they develop any symptoms, and if they develop symptoms, have them tested," he continued, "this is the first week and it just makes you wonder how this is going to play out as the virus spreads more."

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Eddie questioned what will happen if the children isolate, they come back to school after 14 days and then there are more suspected cases, would they have to isolate again?

Nick said that this was the case; in Australia, he told Eddie, if a school has one case it is fully closed and has a deep clean "which is a bit dramatic."

"I would favour in to school for one week, out, and social distancing. The lack of social distancing, according to my son, is non-existent. They're like chickens when they're moving around, there's no space," Nick said.