Caller Vents At Vince Cable Over Pro-Second Referendum Stance

4 January 2019, 17:37 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 17:58

A disgruntled Leave voter vented at the leader of the Liberal Democrats over his backing of a second referendum.

Brenda was one of a number of LBC listeners to put Brexit questions directly to Sir Vince Cable on Friday afternoon.

It’s as MPs prepare to debate Theresa May’s controversial withdrawal agreement next week.

A vote on the deal was pulled last month after the Prime Minister admitted it did not have enough support.

Sir Vince Cable spoke to LBC listeners on Friday
Sir Vince Cable spoke to LBC listeners on Friday. Picture: LBC

She is seeking further assurances over the much contested Northern Irish backstop issue.

Sir Vince has been one of a number of MPs campaigning for a so-called People’s Vote - or second referendum.

Brenda, however, wasn’t having any of it.

In a passionate monologue, she thundered: “I have to say I am very disappointed with you as a Liberal Democrat taking the stance that you’re taking.

“I would have thought you of all people would respect the fact that this is a democracy and we had a democratic vote.

“Just because you don’t get your way in a vote, doesn’t mean you keep persistently undermining the result of that vote.

“You and your colleagues on both sides of the House persistently undermine that vote and undermine our position.

“It’s no wonder to me at all that Theresa May has done so very badly in this negotiation because she’s had to put up over the last two years with people constantly, constantly talking in the background."

Watch the call in full above.